PARADISE. April 12 - ________.In progress.I double-space, print out, and copy-edit the manuscript of McGoonís Last Book:Daily Typewriting.I query New York literary agents about the book.It isnít the last book I will write.I am writing PARADISE.Itís the last book I did write.It sums things up, now.Or last book.What genre is it?Itís a guide.How-to?How-not-to.It depends what you want.If I wanted something different I would do different.I want to see how long I can keep doing what Iím doing..Even to the edge of doom.The response I get is no reply or a form letter rejection slip.So what?I have everything I need.Indeed, I have everything I want.What donít I have?Money?Recognition?A career?How much do they cost?I might die before I find out.Thoreau said only that day dawns to which we are awake.My task is to spring to the easel of a morning.To wake up with the writing roaring in my head.To empty out and fill back up.To do that will be paradise enow.Write, putter around, take a nap.Go to bed early.Having slept the sleep of the just.Get thee behind me Zombie Pecker.




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