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Garage Band Books
Box 10501
Panama City, FL 32404

Description Price Qty
A Lot of Hash Marks for Very Few Stripes (novel, in four pamphlets) $20
Out of the South Comes the Whirlwind (novel, in four pamphlets) $20
Red Tape, Whited Sepulchers, and Blue-Nosed Chauvinism (novel, in four pamphlets)

The Golden Years (novel, in four pamphlets) $20
Southland (three pamphlets of poems) $15
Cult Writer: A Legend in His Own Time, Typewriting Colossus, Culture Hero (three pamphlets written for Carillon Beach Fall Arts & Crafts Festival)

Florida Cracker: A Bestiary, Florida Native: A Gazetteer, Florida Writer: Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch, Pascua Florida: Feast of Flowers (four pamphlets that form the short book 100 VIEWS OF PARKER, FLORIDA: FOUR ALPHABETS PLUS ONE LETTER MINUS FIVE LETTERS) Out

Buzzard Cult membership certificate $5 ____
Autographed Blaster Al drawing of Jack the Raver $5 ____

NEW: Get the CD Dread Clampitt and the booklet Root Doctor for $20. $20 ____

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