Yes We Have No Bananas


In The Naming of the Dead,

Ian Rankin writes,

“A fan had been stabbed to death

at a Stones concert in 1969,

and the decade had petered out.”

Yes.  I graduated in 1968.  A couple

one year ahead of me and Brenda—

George and Clyda Rent—got their PhDs

in three years, got teaching jobs as sociologists,

and had careers as college teachers.  But we were

a day late and a dollar short.  Or we had

the wrong major or went to the wrong

graduate school.  Anthropology.  Tulane University.

We got short shrift.  We sucked hind titty.

We missed the boat.  The ship sailed.

We were ground up for paint

by United Fruit.  Middle America

Research Institute (MARI).

Have you had it on a banana?





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