McGoon’s Last Book



must have made you realize you picked

a good place to move to for Owen and Balder

in high school and junior high.  Yes.  Near

Potter and Suzette.  The uncle and common-law

aunt-in-law.  Nigger blues and bluegrass and

old-time country music.  Owen could fish with

Potter and Slim and Balder could play with Net Ban’d

at Fermentations.  Live in a trailer with Kyle Ogle

in Grayton Beach.  Play at The Red Bar.

Become Dread Clampitt.  The Saunders Brothers.






Jump, mullet, jump.






A Carhartt coat and an S-137 oyster knife.






Pretty Michelle and Mack.  Mack getting run over

tailgating a station wagon.  He lives in Maui now.

I think he works in lawn maintenance

and surfs to his heart’s content.

What happens to surfers?

What happens to surfer’s fathers?

They just keep writing through the storms.

It was a dark and stormy night.

George Bush at Yale.

Went out for cheerleader.





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