Ghost Dog


In Ghost Dog, Vinny shot a woman cop. 

He explained, “They want to be equal, I made her equal.”

He sighted up a crook-neck sink-drain with a pistol

with a laser sight.  Was that Vinny?  I don’t remember.

Owen sat next to Forest Whitaker at the Grammies.

Owen was nominated for a gospel album with

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.

Whitaker was nominated for Bird.

Maybe he just saw him.

The Sheriff of Mayberry won

the gospel album.  Owen got to go and take a date.

This was before he was going with Jean.

I don’t go anywhere.  If I went I’d invite Brenda.

What would I go to?  The National Book Awards?

The Pulitzer Prize?  The Nobel Prize for Literature?

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