Nixon and Elvis


I wonder who felt more honored

when Nixon met Elvis.  Who felt

more successful.  Did either of them

feel like a failure?  What does feeling like

a failure do to a person over the course of

a career?  Does it give him or her

a chip on his or her shoulder?

Willie Nelson.  Coca-Cola.

Kinky Friedman.  When Kinky was in

Scandinavia, fans asked him about

Townes Van Zandt.

Pancho and Lefty.

I get up, I write,

I go to bed.

The plants need more Vigoro.

Something inside my head goes Weldon Kees.

Did he jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

Did he disappear in Mexico like Ambrose Bierce?

Is he alive and well and living in Oaxaca?

How old would he be now?  How tired?

Does he still paint?  Does he still play jazz piano?





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