A Moveable Feast


A Moveable Feast is classified 818.5203,

American Literature in English, Miscellaneous:

Diaries, Journals, Notebooks, Reminiscences.

So is Bukowski Never Did This:A Year in the Life

of an Underground Writer and His Family.






I write the same book, over and over.So did

Hemingway.Itís a writerís voice we are drawn to.

At the end, his voice cracked.He cracked up.

He couldnít finish his book.He died,

leaving the manuscript to the tender mercies of

his last wife, who certainly had some skin in the game.

What was sheónumber four?How many mistresses?

Did I miss something?Did I lack imagination?

Was I stuck in my ways?Was I timid?

I had women friends.Divorcees and widows.

Not many.I didnít have many friends period.

The Underground Literary Alliance (ULA)?

My co-workers at Lucent Technologies?

The Buzzard Cult?A cult is small.

Low-one-, mid-one-figure.Jeff Potter and Martha?

Larry and Hazel Schlueter?Grant Peeples and Cathy Sherman?

Janice and Donny?Janice is Brendaís sister.

I call Donny Donny Marie because heís from California.





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