35 Day-Jobs


I like your catalog of day-jobs.

Itís like Charles Bukowskiís Factotum.

The craziness of the workplace.Of work.

I think random hacker attacks in cyberspace

are inevitable.The malevolence of malcontents.

People dissatisfied with their lot in life.

People with envies, gripes, unfulfilled ambitions.

Resentments.A lot of bitterness out there.

They donít like the way they look.

Why donít they get another hairdo?






At Hot Lips Pageís funeral, Bird said,

ďDamn, donít his big wig look good.Ē

People compare Sam Bush to Charlie Parker.

He always treated me with respect.He digs

Owen and Balder.I am their father.I kept them in

guitar strings and dawg-music albums.Flatt & Scruggs.

























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