Wednesday, April 15




Paradise is the most scary book

ever written about maintaining a web site,

getting hacked, your bank account and credit cards

interfered with, compromised, the world comes to

an end and it isnít pretty.Unauthorized charges.

Itís fraud, but how do you know?How can you

prove who you are?Your identity was stolen.

You donít miss your identity until itís gone.

Then everything is subjective and you are

lost in moot court.Pretense and playacting.

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Are you protected?Are you sure?

Who says so?Are you paying

them to say that?Are they paying you?

Are you doing it out of the goodness of your heart?

What do you have to show for it?A stack of wasted

typing paper?






Black plastic trash bags?Call the travel agent we are

booking a heavy guilt trip.Danube Cruise with Class

of í68.Notes from a Sea Diary.Hemingway all the way.

His liver coiled around his trunk like

a strangler fig around a ficus tree.

I compare PARADISE to A Moveable Feast.





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