Air Show


Thereís an air show

out at Tyndall.Open to the public.

Flyovers, parachute jumpers.

I worked in Hangar 5 once.

I wrote a dash-one flight manual

for a DeHavilland telemetry aircraft.

I learned to use a mouse and Microsoft Windows.

I was used to WordPerfect with a keyboard.

I found a unit patch on the beach from a flight suit.






It had sea grasses in it.

Ripped.Torn.Not a good sign.

I never could get on with civil service.

I did walk on the beach from the inlet at Mexico Beach

to the end of the beach at Tyndall that was open to

the public and had portable toilets and a boardwalk.

Please donít pick the sea oats.Donít take pictures?

Donít write about the Dixie Belle

Motel at Dixie Belle Curve?





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