Not Norman Mailer


Balder was stationed in New Orleans.  In a Marine band.

He bought a car.  It had been wrecked, and had problems with

the front end.  He visited us hurricane evac and we put it in the shop.

He drove my truck back to the base.  When his car was ready I went and got

my truck and exchanged vehicles with him.  Saw where he was living off-base

with three other jarheads in Algiers Point, where William S. Burroughs lived

with Joan when she was raking lizards out of a cabbage palm tree,

high on Benzedrine inhalers   I ate them when I was a GI, Balder’s age,

in Texas.  We went out to eat at a Thai restaurant on Carollton near

the Camellia Grill and visited Larry and Hazel.  We also went to see

Gerald and Del, in Slidell, and I gave them a chapbook Roger Jackson

published but they were not impressed.  Norman Mailer I wasn’t.

I judge a man by what kind of shoe leather

he walks around in.  I judge a man

by the cigar he smokes.

I judge a man.




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